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Digital Signage

Complete Portfolio of Digital Signages with Different Sizes, Resolutions & Brightness Nits

LCD Video Walls

Complete Selection of Economical, Middle range and High End Video wall to meets all applications


Professional 4K All In One Android & Windows Based Interactive Whiteboard with Zero Bonding

Indoor Kiosks

Standing Kiosks FHD & 4K of 43, 49,55, 65, 75, 86 and 98 Inch for Different Commercial Applications


High Brightness & IP65 All Applications Digital Signages & Interactive Kiosks For DOOH Applications

Stretched Display

Ultra Wide Stretched LCD Bar Displays starting from 23 inch to 49 inches suitable for Retail Applications

Movable Posters

Fixed & Movable Battery Powered Digital Posters with High Brightness & IP65

Large Monitors

Immersive 4K & 8K Monitors and TVs for Corporates and Private Cinemas

Table Signage

43 & 55 Inches Table Signages from FHD to 4K Resolutions for Different Interactive Applications

High Brightness

One Side And Dual Side Window facing High Brightness


Professional Borderless 24/7 Monitors for Business & Entertainment

iGallery Displays

Innovative Matte Surface Displays with App Control & 24/7 Applications for Museum, Art

Super large Screens

8K Large Screens

Large size 8K display device for office and other commercial display environments. It breaks the digital barrier between different screens in the conference room, allows content to seamlessly switch between different screens, and solves the problem of time-consuming switching between different screens for office workers. At the same time, it is the first borderless 110 inch mini ED display terminal in the industry. Combined with the unique triple screen technology, it has created a 7.2m wide display giant screen, further extending the display boundary in the physical world by leaps and bounds.

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